5-Year-Old Girl Tackles Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’ and Nails It

Ryan Burdick of Jamesville, New York is a musician, but when he had a little girl five years ago, he got something unexpected: a musical partner who would take the world by storm. Ryan’s little girl is Violet, and she’s five years old. All little girls are special, but Violet is a Dolly Parton superfan who loves to sing Dolly’s most iconic songs. When the dad and daughter duo went live on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the audience (and viewers around the world) fell in love with the little girl and her enthusiasm. And the song she sang isn’t one that’s easy to sing.

For her performance on The Ellen Show, Violet chose what may be Dolly’s most recognizable hit, “Jolene.” When Ellen asked Violet why she loves Dolly so much, the little girl didn’t hesitate before saying that she loves Dolly because she has a beautiful voice and she “gives books to kids in need.” In fact, it’s through Dolly’s Imagination Library that Violet first discovered the legendary country and western superstar. The organization provides a free book every month to small children who live in certain hard-hit areas of the country. Violet happens to live in one of those areas and she looks forward to her monthly book from her idol.

Violet Burdick sings Dolly Parton's Jolene

However, Violet knows a lot more about Dolly than just her singing talent and her philanthropic efforts. She seems to know much of Dolly’s life story. For example, she knows that Dolly once had a beautiful “coat of many colors” that her mother sewed for her. She even knew that Dolly wore the coat to school and her friends laughed at her. The fact is, Dolly has told much of her life story in her songs and she actually has a song about her beautiful coat that her mother made for her.

Dolly Parton Coat of Many Colors Book Cover

For “Jolene,” Violet knew exactly what the song is about. She said that Jolene wants to take Dolly’s man! Watch this adorable performance below.

This little girl has a bright future!

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