This Office Building Creates More Energy Than It Uses – Amazing!

Canadians will soon be home to one of the coolest and eco-friendly buildings in the world.

A few developers came together and designed an office building called Evolv1. It aims to not only lessen the impact on the environment, but also be net positive. Which is even better than simply reducing your carbon footprint.

Net positive means it will create energy. After powering the basics like light and heat, the occupants of the building can then turn the extra energy into a profit. They can also use it to power their 14 electric vehicle charging stations.

Sustainable Waterloo Region, the Cora Group and EY Canada are looking to shake things up. About this groundbreaking technology, they said:

“We want to disrupt the industry with what we’re going to build.”

Not only will they come out ahead financially, but the energy they’re replacing isn’t nearly as clean. Think nuclear power and natural gas, which are considered really bad for the planet.

Some of the features include triple-glazed glass and very high levels of insulation. There will also be solar panels on the roof, plus the floorboards will use heat found within the Earth.

In addition to all of the positives for the environment, it will also help boost the Canadian economy. Since businesses can have a hard time getting off the ground with startup costs, the developers point out the appeal of Evolv1:

“It means that for other building owners, and emerging companies   who are looking for a place to call home, there is no reason to say that financially, it’s not possible.”

The location of the building is also ideal. It’ll have direct access to a local train station, meaning employees of the building will have an even lesser impact on the environment.

Canada’s starting to look pretty good, eh?

H/T: The Record.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter