This Photographer Had The Most Adorable Shoot Ever

When photographer Belinda Sol received a call about a maternity shoot, it was just another day for her in the world of photography; that is until she realized this one would be just a little different.

You see, when the woman named Mona called she wasn’t calling for herself, she was calling for her adorable dachshund, Mia, who was expecting. Sol was unsure at first, but man are we glad she decided to go for it. Belinda stated:

“I had never done [a dog shoot] before, and I was excited to do so.”

Photo via Belinda Sol Photography.

And then the moment everyone was waiting for arrived, Mia had her six amazing puppies and Sol was asked to photograph them as well.

Photo via Belinda Sol Photography.
Photo via Belinda Sol Photography.
Photo via Belinda Sol Photography.

We can only imagine how absolutely adorable these pups have become just a couple months later. Maybe Mrs. Sol will do another shoot for us!

Featured image via Belinda Sol Photography.

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