This Single Mom Was Told That She Will Never Be Able To Raise A Good Son, Then Her Son Did This – It Got Me Crying Buckets!

MelRo Potter grew up in 23 different foster care homes and was both pregnant and homeless by the time she was 16. said:

“When I was pregnant with him well, I heard, ‘Mel, because you lived in the foster care system, you’re probably not going to raise a thriving individual. It just doesn’t happen. You can’t give him what you don’t have.’ So seeing who he has become and knowing the sacrifices that have been made and how much I love him and seeing that come to fruition, I’ve proved him wrong.”

Trey Potter, a high school student of Gahanna, Ohio surprised her mom, MellissaRoshan (MelRo), by giving her a chance to experience the event she has long placed at the back of her mind.

Trey Potter said, “I think it shows how much I appreciate her cause I really do after all she’s been through and all I’ve been through with her.”

She became a model and a makeup artist and now is an advocate for other foster care children in the world.

All images, including the featured image via Today.