This Teacher in the UK Prepared and Delivered over 7500 Lunches to His Students During Quarantine

Some people are battling and facing dangers and the turmoil and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic can be considered heroes. They are the real people who are sacrificing doing good deeds that make a difference in the world. They don’t need to be in the frontlines, but heroes behind the scene sacrificing for others.

Zane Powles 48 years old, who works at a Western primary school in Grimsby a large coastal seaport, was worried about his students who might be struggling to acquire food where everything was in lockdown due to the pandemic. He was concerned about the welfare of his students and wanted to see them himself if they were safe and healthy and are eating well. So he spent his days in lockdown preparing food for his students and occasionally dropped off homework too.


He prepared diligently 85 lunches each morning every day and walked 7.5 miles to deliver them to his beloved students in North East Lincolnshire. He made this round for seventeen weeks and totaled 600 miles over the course run and 7,500 packed lunches. He estimated that he carried about four tons of food but seeing the smiles on the faces of these kids is all worth the effort. He didn’t take a single day off because he knew how important his job was.

After all these months, it was a bit emotional for it to come to an end when he delivered his final package to his students since the school where he prepares his packed lunch closes for the summer. Everything was worth it because he loves seeing his students and it was his role and his job to see to the welfare of his students and to nurture and take care of them.

Salute to this unsung hero who sacrificed so much for others. We all need more people like this in the world.