This Waiter Proves That There Are Still Good People In This World

A Mexican restaurant in Georgia was baffled when a customer came in with an unusual request, but a selfless waiter did not hesitate to help him out.

A disabled man with no hands ordered a meal at Cinco de Mayo Mexican Grill in Douglasville on April 26 in hopes that someone would help him to eat his lunch.

A server, Alex Ruiz was happy to help him as he sat in the opposite chair facing the man and helped him enjoy his meal.

“He’s a great person. He’s always so nice and the fact that he just came out of nowhere and helped a man he doesn’t even know have a meal says everything. That just shows the person that he is.” Figuero, the son of the restaurant manager said.

This guy certainly deserves a thumbs up!


Featured image is a screengrab from the video.