Thursday Throwdown: 10 Wackiest Sites Of The Week

It’s that time of the week again! The time where we all come together in mutual loathing of the week and sit around a table sipping our fourth cup of coffee as we try to find ways to keep ourselves awake. The time where we all roll our eyes when what seems like five hours has only been five minutes and we wonder aloud as to how we are going to make it through the rest of the day.

My friends, I bring you ten different websites that will help you make it.

  1. Sounddrown is a website that allows you to pick any soothing, or otherwise necessary, background noise. But, let’s face it, you will just crank it up and try to annoy your co-workers with the loud sounds of fire and white noise. And yes, you can play more than one sound at once. Ever wondered what a coffee shop sounds like with birds? Now you can figure it out!

2. This interesting travel blog is completely dedicated to some random person’s nomadic lifestyle. Why has it made the list? Because he has successfully traveled, lived, and eaten in different countries around the world for 12 years. Now you can envision the life of adventure you could have! That’ll keep you awake

3. DealDump is a site that gathers all of the best deals of all of the best things from around the internet. Everything from technology to freebies is housed here, and it is automatically updated as deals roll out. Now you can fuel your inner shopaholic!

4. This incredibly soothing interactive site comes to life with the swoop of your mouse, creating geometric figures at the swipe of your screen while music dances in the background. Mesmerize yourself and tick those minutes away!

5. Ever wonder how to get the advantage in any social situation? Want to know more about why people are anxious in them? Then this website is for you! These 25 psychological hacks will help you conquer any social moment. At the very least, it’s a good read that will help you understand socially anxious people. No one said wasting time couldn’t be productive!

6. A comprehensive list of cult movies. Enough said.

7. If you are that person that enjoys drinking wine and listening to music, then this site is for you. Simply type in what you are listening to and out pops a wine drink fit for a king! Not listening to anything currently? Type in what you wish to listen to, and it will play it from the speakers of your computer! Fancy some Mozart? According to the site, a room temperature glass of red wine garnished with a maraschino cherry is your fancy!

8. A site merely depicting every single important woman in our history, as well as what they did to rule, love, and liberate. Go women!

9. If you are a fan of classic books, then this website of ultra-condensed version is sure to provide a laugh!

  1. A website fraught with Rebus Puzzles! Test your mind, sigh with frustration, and ultimately just click the “answer” button without trying.

Enjoy your latest installment of time-wasting jewels, sure to keep you awake and help your weekend get here even quicker!


Featured image courtesy of Pixabay/Public Domain