Thursday Throwdown: 10 Wackiest Sites Of The Week

And, we’re back!

No matter what the week throws at you, and no matter what your boss asks you to do, there is nothing more relaxing than a pointless afternoon of flipping through the internet’s pages to find the best, worst, and most jaw-dropping of sites to waste your time with. It’s amazing, really…the mind-numbing rolodex of websites at your disposal for entertainment, information, and plain ol’ cat memes. How ever will we choose? How ever will we sift through the endless possibilities of time-wasting entities in order to choose only the ones truly fit for our attention span!

Well, my faithful friends, I have taken that task upon myself.

I have sifted through hundreds of websites to bring you only the truest fit for the time you have designated to be wasted.

May my efforts bring you glory on your battlefield of distraction.

  1. is not just a website for music, it’s a website for music and its videos. Pick a chart, pick a decade (it spans all the way back to the 40s!), pick a song from the list, and listen with ease as the music video plays full-screen. And yes, I had to pause my work to watch “Uptown Funk.”


2. If you’ve ever wanted to see America, but you feel like you don’t have the money for travel, then think again. Get the low-down on how to travel cheaply, by train, to see the U.S. before you plan. Or, just reminisce in what you could be doing if you actually felt that you could take a long enough vacation to do it. Either works just fine.

3. 90s kids, this article is for you. A playlist fit for all of your nostalgia needs! Just don’t sing too loud in your office, unless you want your boss to know you aren’t actually working.

4. Do you enjoy things that are stranger than real life? Do you like to be weirded out, grossed out, and creeped out? Then this website has it all, and the best part? It’s broken down by state just so you can view the weird of the world near you.

5. If you are a movie buff, enjoy knowing movie facts, or just like watching movies in general, then look no further for entertainment than this article. It houses 82 random facts about some of the greatest movies, and the facts will make you gasp as well as cringe. Just a fair warning: ladies? Be prepared to laugh heartily at #17.

6. Ever attempted a Rubik’s Cube and become so frustrated that you throw it at a wall? Well, there’s an easy way to resolve that. Cheat. Just…good luck deciphering the cheat.

7. Want free full-length movies on YouTube? Or a search engine for RSS feeds? Maybe you’re looking for an in-browser image editor to use. Guess what? There’s a website for that.

8. Here is an article put together of all of the clever ways you can spend thousands of dollars to outfit your attic. Just look at all of these cute little spaces! What I want to know is: who in the world has useless attics this big?

9. Ever wondered what it might like to be a spy? Or a hacker? Well, this website might not give you personal stories…but it will show you how expensive the lifestyle is. Enjoy…?

10. Watch as this real-time counter of the internet tallies up all of the things going on daily within every second of the time that you are on the website. Want to know how many tweets have been sent out since you’ve scrolled through the site? How about Tumblr posts? This website keeps a fantastically mind-boggling running tally that is absolutely mesmerizing.

There you have it! Your weekly dose of mind-boggling, mind-numbing, and mind-blowing internet sites. Don’t spend it all in one place. You still have Friday to endure.


Featured image courtesy of Pixabay/Public Domain.