Thursday Throwdown: 10 Wackiest Sites Of The Week!

And, we’re back! If your week has been treacherous and tortoise-paced, then rest your weary heads, my friends. This comprehensive list of the best time-wasting websites the internet has to offer has finally descended! Film buffs beware: the list this week is definitely for you.

After all, why can’t the time-wasting extend into our weekends? Because, let’s face it, most of us seriously date our televisions anyway.


1. Film buffs will love this comprehensive list of the 1,000 greatest films ever made. It might not waste your time now, but it sure can ring in a wonderfully lazy weekend!

2. ReplaceFace is the ingenious website of an artist that uses Photoshop as a means of inserting famous people’s faces into regal, military-style art. My personal favorite? Dog the Bounty Hunter.

3. LoopBox is the musical website that never stops! Simply load the website and crank up your music as the unending playlist brings you an uninterrupted stream of music. Don’t believe me? Go to the site and give it a scroll! Let us know when the list stops.

4. When you get done with #1, feel free to indulge in Reddit’s Top 250 Movies Of All Time. No, really. Do it. There are some seriously good titles on this list.

5. Every myth you could possibly ever encounter, from your body to science and back again, is covered on this website. Read through and see if anything you recognize from your childhood sits on it! Personally? I was comforted by the fact that, apparently, touching a baby bird doesn’t automatically mean its mother will hate it forever.

6. This game seems pretty simple. It’s called Tromino, and the goal is to simply use the shapes at your disposal to fill up the grid. Easy, right? Maybe…?

7. This site, simply titled Amazing Pictures, is exactly what it says. It’s a culmination of some of the most stunning and awe-inspiring pictures ever taken on this planet…or beyond it. The simplistic layout of the website doesn’t even matter after the fourth or fifth picture, trust me. Go lose yourself in these awesome photographs.

8. Do you suck hardcore at reading people? Do you wish you could read them better? Do you want to have eerie skills at deciphering everything your friends don’t say with their mouths? Look no further than this guide, which gives you the low-down on all things surrounding body language.

9. If you need less of a time-waster and more of an inspiration-giver, than this article needs no further introduction. Read it.

10. Spoil all the movies! Then, go watch and see how they unfold. After you’ve done #1 and #4, of course.

Now, go buy yourself some pizza, pour yourself a glass of your finest soda, and treat yourself!


Featured image courtesy of Pixabay/Public Domain.