Thursday Throwdown: 10 Wackiest Sites Of The Week

As we crest over hump day and glide into the two most unproductive days of the week, you might be looking for a way to energize your state-of-mind and refill your proverbial cup with enough caffeine to feel productive enough to survive.

You will not find this here.

Below are ten of the wackiest, time-consuming sites on the internet that will make sure your unproductive time is utilized to the best of its ability.

  1. This mesmerizing video of someone painting Van Gogh’s portrait on dark water.

2. This interactive look at time, just in case you want to feel incredibly small and insignificant.

3. This website where you can pick your own adventure, draw your own “stickman”, and then watch your beautiful creation come to life in the adventure you have chosen.

4. This website that helps you with book recommendations based on what you have just read.  But, let’s face it, you will just go type in “Twilight” so you can see what it recommends.  Don’t worry, no one is judging here.

5. This site that divvies up circles into equal proportions just by the wave of your mouse.  Not sure the purpose, but that’s what wasting time is for!

6. Ever wondered why color affects us the way it does?  Why we associate red with anger and blue with calm?  Look no further than this article.  You’re welcome.

7. Lose yourself in the overwhelming beauty of these 48 hotels that you will never be able to afford on your salary!

8. Now that you have learned how and why colors affect us the way they do, courtesy of #6, you can now let your colors predict your future with this site.

9. Do you enjoy kaleidoscopes?  Then enjoy this colorful, interactive, and constantly-moving creation that is manipulated by how long you want to hold down your mouse and move your cursor.

10. And last, but most certainly not least, this interactive site that plays a specific sound depending on the button you want to press on your keyboard.  Any button on your keyboard.  Just make sure you have headphones on and keep a look-out for your boss.


There you have it!  A list of things to completely destroy your productivity and start the back-end of your week off with complete and total mediocrity.  Whether you are dodging work, mommy jobs, or doctor’s appointments, rest assured that these websites offer the perfect “emergencies” to get you out of any situation.

Have fun letting your favorite color tell you when you will meet your soulmate.


Featured image from Van Gogh YouTube video.
All article images are screenshots from their respective websites.