Thursday Throwdown: Top 10 Wackiest Sites Of The Week!

As that special time of the week rolls around, it is time for me to give you what you have all been truly waiting for: a list full of lists.

That’s right, minus the oddly-placed personality test that was found, this week’s list is nothing other than more lists. It’s lists within a list, and the list-ception could rival that infuriating movie that came out in 2010.


While this list doesn’t tell you if the friggin’ top dropped at the end (…spoilers?), what it will give you is some humor, some cringe, and a decent splash of color.

Plus, a random personality quiz.

Welcome to Thursday Throwdown. May your journey towards the weekend be made less painful.

1. This hilarious¬†sketch on what having a child is like versus what having a cat is like. Not gonna lie, and… It’ll probably convince you to go the cat route.

2. This list that counts down the most statistically terrifying days to ever drive on the road during the year. Yikes.

3. This list of tweets crafted to absolute perfection that will prompt you to beg for a personal mute button so your laughter doesn’t disturb your boss.

4. A “quick”¬†personality test that “doesn’t take much time” and yields results that will probably affect you in ways you never realized. As in, it won’t affect you at all. But, it’s still a time-killer.

5. A comprehensive list of jerks. Your choice on whether or not to have a dark sense of humor.

6. This list is an awesome gathering of all the best free sites that provide the same types of services as paid software. Save some money and still adult properly.

7. This insane list of category codes Netflix has to access hidden categories because it’s preset algorithm thinks it knows me better than I know myself. Now, you can really watch ALL THE THINGS.

8. This list of scientifically-backed ways to permanently change behavior, both good and bad.

9. A list of beautiful color combinations for every single project imaginable. From crocheting and knitting to painting and framing, spice up your life with bright colors. Who knows? A change in color might lead to a change in attitude.

10. This list of plot holes in popular movies that will make you wince. For some, it will be because they are true. For others, it will be because they blindly accepted them and kept watching them. Multiple times. Without ever catching it.

Don’t worry. I did, too.


Featured image courtesy of Pixabay/Public Domain.