Thursday Throwdown: Top 10 Wackiest Sites Of The Week!

As the world continues to spin on its axis and our planet proceeds with its journey around the Sun, we come to yet another point in this week where space doesn’t matter and colleagues can go kick rocks. Work weeks can be difficult, stressful, and draining, and Thursdays are the bane of our existence.

Mondays boast of automatic slack privileges because, let’s face it, your boss is struggling as well. Tuesdays boast of rejuvenated energies as we sip our fancy coffees and partake in someone’s random office birthday party. Wednesdays are filled with people you never want to hear speak say the word “hump,” and it gives us life as we realize the week is almost over. But, before we can bask in the glory of Fridays and relish in the fantastic foundations of our weekends, we have to get through Thursday.

The ultimate bane of the weeks’ existence.

A day that tumbles off the middle of the week but puts a barrier between us and the weekend. A day that boasts of nothing special except to remind us that it is necessary to do in order to obtain our weekends.

So, fill the day that everyone wishes didn’t exist with these wonderful psychological conundrums and articles that are packed with interesting information to help you pass the time.

The upside? These are so interesting, your boss might just forgive you if they catch you reading about them when you should be working on your overdue project report.

1. This website that breaks down all of the common misconceptions in psychology in regards to how we view the world around us. Brace yourself, some of these will seriously anger you.

2. It’s a WikiHow on “How To Think Like A Genius.” I kid you not, there are actual steps.

3. This easy test that gives you a Jungian-based four-letter personality. I took it. My type is below. Boom

4. This article on tips from actual secret agents is eye-catching and interesting. Also, I love Sherlock. And you should, too.

5. This article on the science of happiness will explain once and for all that happiness is not only quantifiable, it is also physical. So, boo on you if you think depression is something someone can “get over.”

6. This article outlines a plausible theory on why we have the physical preference types we do when it comes to finding someone else attractive. It backs it up with studies done and is a valuable read.

7. Read this article and body-hack your way into confidence! Or, use it to take others down. Whichever personality type you are. I’m not judging.

8. For those whose families drive you insane, this article is for when you’ve had enough.

9. This incredible article on how poverty actually manipulates and changes the brain will leave you looking at this class of people very differently from now on. Go on. Be curious. It might grow you a bit of compassion where it is necessary.

10. We’re familiar with his dogs, but we’re not very familiar with him.

So, what did you think? Did you learn some stuff? Did you build some compassion? Did you unlock things about yourself you didn’t realize until this very moment?

Well, whatever existential circumstances might have happened from reading these articles, only one thing is certain in the world of psychology:

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Featured image courtesy of Pixabay/Public Domain.