Thursday Throwdown: Top 10 Wackiest Sites Of The Week!

Yet another week-long trip has been made in our lives, and we settle onto the most disastrous part of its timeframe.

I know, I know, you’re tired of hearing me complain about Thursday. But, no matter. This week’s compiled list of crazy outlines wonderful listicles that will bring you the wildly wacky joys this universe has to offer.

And by “universe”, I mean the internet.

So, fasten your seatbelts and duck away from your bosses, because things are about to get odd up in this place!

1. This comprehensive list of items that need to find a place in our society (spoiler alert: some of them already exist!).

2. Mental Floss has an Instagram. Enough said.

3. This incredible list of the most viral photos and explanations as to why they are inaccurate.

4. These absolutely perfect pictures that were taken at the right moment. Their photographer deserves cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.

5. This Murphy’s Law calculator that will give you a great chuckle as well as an excuse to call out sick from that blind date your sister set you up on.

6. This list of incredible mysteries that science still cannot fully explain.

7. This list of the weirdest gifts you could possibly get for another human being.

8. Mutants exist. This list proves it.

9. This list of traffic jams and their pictures that will make you want to sleep at work. No, seriously. I’ll be on my office floor if you need me.

10. This list of really cool facts that will make you smile and cringe at the same time. Have fun!

Yes, this is essentially a listicle of lists in their own listicle formats.

Meme courtesy of Marc F. Bellemare.


Featured image courtesy of Pixabay/Public Domain.