Thursday Throwdown: Top 10 Wackiest Sites Of The Week!

And, we’re back!

Welcome to yet another week gone by of glorious mounds of paperwork, hustlin’ for that change, and clawing for the weekend that seems just out of reach. Today, I bring you the top ten things on the internet that will absolutely blow your mind.

Chaos and complexity never had it so good.

From fractal art to artwork that isn’t what it seems, this list of quality items found in the corners of the internet will make you question your eyes, your mind, and the surroundings in which you are raised.

So, without further interruption, enjoy the following list of awesome.

1. Lose yourself in this mesmerizing chaotic pendulum.

2. Smile brightly at this mind-blowing and dizzying fractal art.

3. Gawk at this awesome video displaying how actual fractals would sound if inputted as musical suggestions.

4. Laugh alongside this RationalWiki page as it describes more people in my life than I wish to admit.

5. Rattle your brain with these impossible shapes.

6. Curl your toes with this very interesting way of getting yourself killed in a strange city.

7. Question your realm of existence as this story harnesses a basic truth (replace the sound with the internet).

8. Recall what Tom Hiddleston would say as you read this article on embracing your inner darkness.

9. Panic inwardly as you partake in this boggling article on what would happen if the Earth stopped spinning.

10. Screech to yourself as you view this awesome painting that simply blows people’s minds.

But, if none of this makes you smile, question, or think. Just remember: tomorrow is Friday.

And we all know what that brings…

Meme courtesy of Pinterest.


Featured image courtesy of Pixabay/Public Domain.