Thursday Throwdown: Top 10 Wackiest Sites Of The Week!

It’s time to put the breaks on our traditional Thursday Throwdown. Up until this point, we have taken a journey through lists of things that make us laugh, make us snicker, make us mock, and make us drop our jaws.

Today, however, we are going to do something different.

We are going to journey through a list that helps us better ourselves.

That’s right, folks. Today’s Thursday Throwdown collection of oddities is going to be centered around self-improvement. You know, that thing you feel your entire family should do because you are, apparently, the only sane person.

I can promise you that you are not.

From articles that list things to boost productivity to meditation tactics from the best, this list will help you improve the person you are and maybe… Just maybe…It might help you phase into a person you wish to become.

1. Here is a rousing article on things you can do to still be productive when you want to avoid your usual productivity.

2. And this is an easy-to-digest article on the art of meditation.

3. Here is a comprehensive list of all the posts you will ever need to improve just about every area of your life.

4. If you need some self-help in bite-sized form, then this website is for you.

5. This is an article spewing some sleep-cycle stuff that personally wants to make me punch a wall. It makes sense, and is all scientifically accurate, but I just really enjoy laying in bed for 10 hours with my limbs falling off the sides and my face snoring in a pillow. But, you might be different.

6. And this is a list of eye-opening cliche quotes that really deserve a place on your bathroom mirror. Or your fridge. Or scrawled across your walls.


8. Here is a list of photo-illustrated questions that can not only help you become more self-aware, they can help you enhance your emotional intelligence and aid you in observing your surroundings. Give it a shot. How many can you answer?

9. If you are lost in your personal journey for self-improvement, then learn from the best in this article.

10. Or, take in this list of stuff you just need to know now.


Featured image courtesy of Pixabay/Public Domain.