Tim Conway and Carol Burnett Serve Up Laughs in ‘The Butler And The Maid’ Skit

Not so long ago, many minority groups were made fun of on primetime TV all the time during less-enlightened times. However, if there’s a minority group of folks whose mockery will likely never weigh on the public’s conscience, it’s the rich.

Those with great wealth have been the butt of jokes in just about every society since the beginning of civilization. However, I think that until the last 200 years or so, it was possible for a rich person, for the most part, to have no clue as to how those outside their bubbles portray them. However, some could argue that even with technology that connects the world, some can still afford to manufacture their own virtual realities in private worlds, which would seem completely alien to the average person.

One of my favorite examples of how many of us see the ultra-wealthy is this classic skit from the Carol Burnett show. In this scene, Carol plays a maid and Tim Conway plays a butler who literally babysits two spoiled married aristocrats named Lanscroft (played by Harvey Korman) and Evelyn (played by Vicki Lawrence). The couple is having a bit of a “spat” over dinner. Watch below and see what happens.

As funny as this skit was, there were (or maybe still are) wealthy folks with lifestyles very close to the one portrayed. One of the most brilliant things about Carol’s show was their masterful ability to blend subtle and over-the-top humor. This is, by far, one of my all-time favorite performances. What did you think? If you liked this video, please be sure to share it with your friends and family.