Tim Conway and Harvey Korman Star in ‘The Dentist’ From the Carol Burnett Show

If you were to ask folks who they think is the funniest sketch comedy actor of all time, you’ll probably get many different answers. Some might say Eddie Murphy, James Belushi, or Chris Farley, while others would argue it’s Jim Carrey or Dave Chappelle.

But, while you can probably throw a few more names in the mix, many loyal Carol Burnett Show fans will universally answer that it has to be Tim Conway. And it’s tough to argue that he’s not at least in the top five.

Tim Conway had a reputation for making his cast members break character during skits. It’s almost his trademark. One of the best Tim Conway skits that fans watch repeatedly is called “The Dentist.”

In the skit, Tim plays a rookie dentist who sees his first patient after the main dentists (who happens to be his father-in-law) leave town and puts him in charge of the practice. Sure enough, when his first patient, played by Harvey Korman, walks in, Tim is just a ball of nerves.

It’s said that this skit made Korman laugh so hard he wet his pants during filming!

Watch the genius of Tim Conway in the video below.

This skit, along with “The Elephant Story,” outtakes, still makes new generations of fans laugh their heads off when they witness this man’s genius for the first time. Please be sure to share this hilarious skit with your friends and family. And thanks again for your support.