Tim Conway Believes He’s A Dog In Gut-Busting Funny ‘Dog’s Life’ Sketch

Since the dawn of human-kind we’ve always had a fascination with animals. It’s not hard to imagine how early humans may have envied the animals around them for attributes we simply do not possess. In fact, many of us still wish from time to time we could swim like dolphins, fly like eagles, or be as fierce as tigers. But, if there’s one life I would love to try out for a day, it might be that of a dog.

Just think about it. These creatures, when in a loving home, have it made. Our dog Sheldon for example, is always smiling with his tail wagging back and forth. Sheldon has nearly boundless energy, and I get tired just watching him run and bound about our yard and the nearby countryside. It’s really hard to imagine having such a cheerful life these days. And in this clip, we see Tim Conway portray a dog with near perfection after he’s accidentally injected with a special serum meant only for dogs.

The problem is that he and his wife (played by Carol Burnett) are hosting his boss (played by Harvey Korman) and his wife (played by Pat Carroll). As the evening wears on, Tim gradually starts behaving more and more like a canine. See for yourself in the video below.

Watching Tim bust Harvey up never gets old! I think what made this skit work so well was how normal everyone else acted around Tim while channeling his inner-Lassie. Be sure to share this laugh with your friends and family.