Tim Conway Saves The Day In Hysterical ‘World’s Oldest Fireman’ Sketch

Tim Conway was a comedian with a special gift for bringing some of the most outrageous characters to life on the Carol Burnett Show. In fact, it’s safe to say that any skit he’s in, you’re almost guaranteed to laugh your head off!

One of my favorite characters is the “World’s Oldest Man,” a character in which Conway plays a very elderly and senile old man performing a variety of different jobs. And while there have been plenty of actors playing older men in comedy sketches, none come close to Tim’s brilliant character.


In this sketch, Tim plays a firefighter coming to the rescue of a very wealthy man played by Harvey Korman. And as we all know, anytime these two are in a skit together, you know Tim’s going to try his best to mess with Harvey!

Watch the hilarious chaos unfold below.

Watching Tim and Havery crackup during the old man’s attempt at CPR just too much! I hope you’ve enjoyed this classic sketch as much as I have. And please be sure to share the gift of Tim’s brilliant comedy with your friends and family.