Tim Conway Shows Vicki Lawrence Why He’s The Worst Vacuum Salesman Ever

When I was a teen, a friend and I landed jobs as vacuum cleaning salesmen. How it worked was folks would agree to an offer for a free gift from a mailer the company sent out. The only catch was that they had to agree to a free in-home demonstration of the Tri-Star vacuum cleaner.

I gotta tell you; this was one of the worst jobs I ever had. Not having a lick of sales experience, my friend and I was horrible at it. And to top things off, the machine had cost a few hundred dollars and looked like it was designed in the 1950s. Aside from being a terrible product, we also had a psychopathic boss who urged salespeople to pressure customers to buy until they kicked you out of their homes. Not to mention, he also enjoyed putting on backyard fight clubs in which the sales team were all participants.

Now, as bad as we were at this job, I took a small bit of comfort after watching Tim Conway play a vacuum salesperson in a hilarious skit in which he tries to sell Vicki Lawrence a new vacuum cleaning system. However, as you can imagine, things don’t quite go as planned. Watch Tim show everyone how NOT to sell a vacuum cleaner in the video below.

It’s crazy how, after all those theatrics, he managed to land the sale anyway! Be sure to show this clip to your friends and family.