Tim Conway Tortures Poor Harvey Korman in Hysterical ‘Undercover Cops’ Skit

Just about any sketch comedy skit will feature very experienced actors or comedians who’d done improv and theater for many years. These folks are usually masters at staying in character while playing out even the most hilarious situations. And the cast members of The Carol Burnett Show were perhaps some of the most seasoned you’d find on any show.

But, there are times when even the most experienced and well-trained cast members. are pushed to their limits while trying to maintain their “straight face” during a performance. Such was the case for anyone who worked with the late-great comedic actor Tim Conway.

During his years on The Carol Burnett Show, Conway took pleasure in making cast members break character during a skit. However, according to Carol, he seems to really relish making Harvey Korman break character, as Harvey usually played the straight-laced roles on the show.

In this skit, Harvey and Tim play undercover cops on a stakeout in a public park. However, Tim’s dressed as a blonde woman as the two pose as a very cozy couple. Needless to say, Tim doesn’t miss his chance to absolutely slay Harvey, who’s just helpless before his hysterical antics! Watch their performance in the video below.

It’s really a shame these two never had their own show; however, maybe the magic of Conway’s comedy worked best in shorter skits rather than a sitcom. Personally, I would have loved to see him on “Whose Line Is It Anyway.” My dream episode would have Tim Conway, Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady, and Colin Mochrie.

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