Top Five Reasons Why Age Is Just A Number

A couple of weeks ago, we ran a piece about a 61-year-old swimsuit model as she trashed every single stereotype we have ever endured about old age.  It got me thinking: is old age really all its cracked up to be?  Is it really ridden with arthritis, immobility, medications, and house-sitting?  There has to be more to our older age.  I mean, think of all the wisdom, memories, and characters you will have met by the time you are 61!

If you’re anything like my family, you retire, sit on a porch with your sweet tea, and rock in your rocking chair while napping in the sun.  Nothing wrong with that.  Sounds like a wonderful plan, and easy on the knees.

But for some, old age provides more than that.

Here are the top five people that prove to us why age is really nothing but an arbitrary digit to document the years we celebrate not dying.

  1. This 105-year-old cyclist who set out to break his own record.

2. This 96-year-old man who clinched the record for the world’s oldest bungee jumper.

3. This 77-year-old man who sailed around the world in 1,080 days.

4. This 113-year-old woman who was the world’s oldest practicing pediatrician.

5. This 92-year-old woman who became the oldest finishing marathon runner.

Setting aside the fact that this list is made up of incredible individuals with incredible dedication to their feats and crafts, you now no longer have an excuse to keep putting off that cliff-diving escapade that your best friend keeps bugging you to go on because whenever you get off of your couch your knees pop.

Happy Jumping!

Featured image courtesy of YouTube video.