Bizarre Video Surfaces of Nicolas Cage Absolutely Ruining Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’

Have you ever wondered just what the f*#k even with Nicolas Cage? In a world that has no shortage of over-the-top and eccentric celebrities, Cage stands out as one of the most mindboggling. I love LOVE the dude as an actor and have thoroughly enjoyed most of his movies. When it comes to artists and entertainers, I prefer to focus on their art instead of on their personal life drama. However, Cage recently did something that seriously farks with the art of another great artist: Prince.

A bizarre video has surfaced of the actor absolutely destroying (and not in a good way) Prince’s classic hit “Purple Rain.” Apparently, Cage was in a bar not long after filing for a marriage annulment, and he was probably drunk, so it may be understandable, but dayum. Why, just why? In the video, he is literally screaming the words to “Purple Rain.” Hey, Nic! You can’t screw around with a classic like that! He was in a downtown Los Angeles bar with some other partiers when the video was recorded. It was a karaoke bar, apparently, but I think karaoke bars aren’t meant for this f*ckery!

nicholas cage national treasure purple rain prince

He was yelling the lyrics angrily while pacing around on the stage. The dubious performance happened just a few weeks after he got an annulment from his then-girlfriend after they got married in Las Vegas. Apparently, the marriage shouldn’t have happened, he said, because he was drunk. Can I use that excuse for my failed marriages? Not likely! This was his second very short marriage. Years ago, he was married to Lisa Marie Presley for a whopping 108 days. Recently, he married his fifth wife, a 26-year-old named Riko Shibata.

Meanwhile, This Nicolas Cage Mermaid Pillow With Sequins

Is weirdly popular on Amazon (nearly 3K positive reviews????). Ha.

Nicolas Cage mermaid pillow cover sequin

Is it crazy that I kinda want it? Well, I do.

Video of Nicolas Cage Ruining Prince’s “Purple Rain”

Cage is set to play Joe Exotic in a series about the “Tiger King” story. It should be a good (and interesting) fit.

Why? Just why? Ugh.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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