Video of Christopher Walken Dancing in Over 50 Movies, All Spliced Together

Christopher Walken is an American actor born in Queens, NY in 1943. You may know him from the classic Saturday Night Live skit where he requested a band bring on the “cowbell.” You may know him from the multitude of movies and TV shows he’s been in. These include “Sleepy Hollow,” “The Dead Zone,” “Hairspray,” and the Oscar-nominated “Catch Me If You Can.”


Did you know he started out taking dance lessons as a child? He may not be know for dancing or musicals; however, many of his films have featured small parts of him dancing. Even in some of his more dramatic roles he has still managed to throw in some dancing. He is so talented, he usually finds a way to make it work.


He was even featured in the music video for Fatboy Slim’s song “Weapon of Choice” dancing through an empty hotel. He is a creative and talented solo dancer. He goes through many different types of performative dance in this music video as well.

He is very talented in multiple types of dancing both solo and partnered. In this video, he demonstrates his creativity at solo dancing through the entire song.

Sometimes we all need a break from what is going on in the world. In 2020, we especially need it. From the COVID-19 pandemic to the civil unrest going on in relation to the Black Lives Matter movement, we could all use a little break. For our mental health, and for your enjoyment, dancing is an outlet for many (myself included). We have all missed being able to get together and do such things during the pandemic. I hope you live vicariously through Mr. Walken in these videos.

On that note, let’s bring on some dancing from Christopher Walken from the many movies he has been in over the years.

Featured image via YouTube.