Wait … Who Needs This Stuff?

You can never have enough money, especially if you can buy this kind of stuff. Technology certainly spoiled us, but everybody needs to draw the line somewhere.

These are some crazy times. At some point cars will drive themselves, and smart phones will check your refrigerator and set the washing machine for you.

At one point we will need to ask ourselves: where does convenience end? Will we become so distanced from the real world that we can no longer return?

For those of you that do not agree with this point of view, taking a look at these products just might change your mind.


Do you like to BBQ but hate cleaning your grill? Throw that brush away because the future is here and robots are taking over all our responsibilities.

Source: Amazon

Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaner will save 30 precious seconds of your life. Because time is money, you will have to spend $100 to get that kind of free time for yourself.


You picked a nice place to have a picnic, but you cannot handle the sounds of birds and the bees or other soothing nature sounds. Headphones are never there when you need them, but luckily you have speakers built into your blanket!

Source: Amazon

Now you can blast your favorite songs for everyone to hear. Of course, this is not a reliable product, it might break easily according to the reviews. But being home is better than some picnic anyway.

Oh, and whatever you do, do not put a blanket into the washing machine. Water damages the speakers, and how dirty can a blanket get?


One more product for those who have troubles picking up awful smells.

This egg carton checks the condition of your eggs and sends notifications to your phone. Because it’s really hard your egg in a glass and checking if it floats (which is a great Lifehack btw), right?

Source : Amazon

A notification comes up on your phone telling you that one of your eggs has gone bad so you can stop whatever you were doing and run to the store and replace it. Thank God, crisis averted.

And if you have a habit of always buying 14 eggs they should fit nicely into the container.


Warm bread tastes way better, but sometimes if you leave the table it might get cold or STOLEN.

So, now you can keep an eye on your bread, sit awkwardly with your family during dinner while your phone is tucked in a compartment under the basket.

Source : Nerdalicious

So, if you use Basket Of Warmth you will have tremendous benefits — awkward silences, a phone slippery from butter, and a phone case full of breadcrumbs.


If you have $1500 lying around, you could spend it on an oven. This opens up new possibilities never thought possible.

How many times have you tried to explain to your oven that her job is to choose the correct settings for your food, and she just sat there in silence, judging you.

Source : Android Authority

Maybe, you wanted to watch your toast up close while getting done, but you could not manage to shove your head into the oven because she was too hot or too small.

Now, you can have a live feed and a time-lapse of your food being prepared sent to your phone. The oven recognizes what kind of food you put in and how to set the temperature and cooking time.


Oh no, my coffee temperature decreased by one degree, now I can’t drink it! If only there was a mug that is capable of keeping it warm … and, of course, controlled with a phone app.


Source : Amazon

Yes there is, and for a measly price of $150! This mug may criticize you if you put some homebrew coffee in it though.


Have you ever wondered if you are brushing your teeth right? With Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected you won’t have to. And if you want to make a thorough inspection of cavities you can record your session or follow it on your smartphone.

Source : Amazon

You could even take the recording to your dentist, just in case he didn’t get enough of your mouth during checkups. All of this for measly $400.