Want Rare 1800s Fin de Siècle French Prints By Toulouse-Lautrec? Here You Go


Paris is one of the most popular and visited cities in the world. As “The City of Love” – Paris is synonymous with elegant outdoor cafes and lavish 5-star restaurants. The city is also a central hub for artistic expression, culture, and especially fine wines and world-class gourmet.

From Art Noveau to impressionism, Paris has long been a haven for global art movements and printmaking. No truer is this then when it comes to fin de siècle French prints – which have captivated and compelled viewers with stunning imagery since the 1800s. If you love collecting art – or are one of millions of artisans – these rare French prints by Toulouse-Lautrec are now on display across the Internet.


From Theophile Steinlen’s Le Chat Noir poster to Leonetto Cappiello’s Café Martin ad – viewers are now able to download digital versions of these priceless and timeless artistic masterpieces. This includes Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s paintings of cabaret singer Aristide Bruant – which has developed a cult following by millions of artisans and admirers.

Viewers also have access to the Van Gogh Museum’s online French print collections, which truly capture the allure and essence of late-nineteenth century Paris. From portraits and landscapes to ads and more, this magical trip down memory lane truly showcases Paris printmaking at its finest. Here is a video of some of the most memorable images that will forever be burned and etched in our brains:

The Van Gogh Museum – which opened up in February – also features stunning reproductions, paintings, sculptures, and other media for download. There are also captivating and compelling scenes of Paris nightlife, along with Japanese woodblock prints – which helped usher in the creative expression movement. The digital download library also displays the tools and mediums these iconic artists used to produce some of the most fascinating and memorable works of all time.

Images via: openculture