Want To Be Happier? Ask Yourself This ONE Question Every Day


Listening to advice from smart people always is a good idea. And there aren’t many smarter that has ever lived than Albert Einstein.

Given that he is the man behind the theory of relativity and the fact his thoughts and contributions help shape the philosophy found within science, Einstein seems like a good person to listen to – even some 60 years after his death. This doesn’t even take into account that he may have had an association with Marilyn Monroe.

One of Einstein’s comments wasn’t so much about his field of physics, but more about the philosophy of life. One of his quotes was, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or a hostile universe.”

What does he mean by that? Well, the quote really means more about us than what the world is really like. We all have our own opinion about how things are going on around us. But the real question is whether we choose to believe in the positive or the negative. If we still believe the world is a friendly place, then we are thinking positively. If we think the world is dangerous and deadly, we are thinking negative thoughts.

This can be important because how we look at the world shapes how we try to handle it. If we still feel positive, then we are looking for brightness. If we see negative, then we are going to be cynical and possibly very defensive with our encounters.

The thinking is whether you view the world as a glass half full or half empty. Should you be grateful for the things that you have or complain about the things you don’t have? Einstein’s comment puts the onus on each and every one of us as to what we truly view things as and thus how we approach our daily life.

It all begins with a choice to try and view the world positively. If you start the day trying to answer the question Einstein put forth, then you have an opportunity to take on conscious step one way or the other. We all want to have good days, so why not take a positive first step and choose to view the world as a friendly place? Then, it is a matter of trying to hold on to those positive thoughts for the rest of the day.

Image via: Biography.com