Watch a Sizzling Rumba Performance Where the Dress Is One of the Performers

Do you know the “Dance of Love?” Many of you may agree that the queen of all sensual dance is Rumba. Its origin takes roots from the rich culture of African people who came to Cuba for work way back in the 16th century. These Cuban-African gave birth to this party rhythm. Thus, Rumba was related to Afro-Cuban heritage and danced with exaggerated hip movement created by the combination of good foot, ankle, and knee movement. When you want to learn to dance the Rumba, do not forget that it is a slow “flirtatious dance,” as they say. The lovers of these significant classic dance steps can relate much to the elements present when dancing the Rumba.

In dance festivals, where professional dancers perform Rumba, you will notice that dancers are dressed to kill. It is so effective that, at a glance, you can already start choosing your favorite. As dance sports become popular, with Slavik Kryklyvyy & Elena Khvorova, the dance couple, you will see in this video on their performance during the World Super Stars Dance Festival Latin. Elene is a complete package. She accomplished adding the elements of sultriness and sensuality with class and elegance that Rumba requires. Her dress simply slays it! You can’t help but compare to the famous green dress that JLo wore once! And you start to realize that Elena captured her audiences in a frenzy first, sending them fevers due to hotness overload!

With the couples’ attire to their performance, they just set the dance floor on fire! Perfect to the inspiration of the “Fire Burning” song by Sean Kingston. Somebody has to really call 911 because Elena was really burning the dance floor! Her attire simply became the third character in this performance. She did not leave any room for her viewers’ imagination with her light blue diagonally-styled dress that exposed half of her well-toned body. She and her partner Slavik Kryklyvyy complemented perfectly. They were very moving that you would be convinced that the two dancers are lovers.

Watch the whole video and rate the performance of Elena and Slavik. You may have another favorite dance partner, but certainly, this tandem is certified twice to beat.

Fancy thinking where to get dresses styled with hotness? Maybe start watching Rumba now!