WATCH How This Makeup Artist Turns Herself Into a Wooden Doll

Mirjana Kika Milošević is an amazingly talented makeup and body-painting artist who astonished the judges at the Serbian version of the NYXCosmetics- FaceAwards (English version here).

The NYX Face Awards is an international competition with participation by makeup artists from all over the world in presenting their best work to a global audience. There are regional contests for those from a certain area. The American version is held in New York.

Each year the most talented makeup and body-painting artists compete for recognition of their skills and to advance their careers. The entry for 2016 from Mirjana Milošević is breathtaking. She transforms herself into a mysterious wooden doll that is so realistic as to be almost a bit terrifying.

Watch her video of the transformation posted on YouTube:

To learn more about Mirjana Kika Milošević and her Kika Studio, here are some links:

Featured Image via screenshot from YouTube video

H/T Buzzite and DailyMail