Watch Precious Little Girl’s Heartwarming Reaction After Learning She’s Being Adopted

Loving parents are something that most of us take for granted. After all, for most people, their parents had been by their side since day one of their lives. And it’s easy to forget sometimes that there are children out in the world without that kind of love and support.

For the thousands of children in America’s foster care system, this is the reality they face every day as they live in a constant state of uncertainty. Many come from broken homes, and often because of different issues they may have going on, they find themselves shuffled from one foster home to the next.

Sadly, not all foster homes provide loving environments; some are simply out for a paycheck from the state. However, there are also examples of happy endings in which children find loving forever parents.

Just watch the video below and witness this sweet little girl’s emotional reaction after she learns that her foster parents have legally adopted her.

Wasn’t that just the best? Videos like this really give us a deeper appreciation of how important parents are in a child’s life. Please be sure to share this touching scene with your friends and family. And thanks for reading.