Watch This Gorgeous Christmas Light Display Timed In-Sync With ‘Mary Did You Know’

When I was a kid back in elementary school, our teachers would take us out to a local nursing home every Christmas, and we would sing Christmas songs for seniors. It was so much fun watching all the smiles and feeling the warmth from folks who were generations apart but shared a common love.

Many of the traditional songs we performed, like “Jingle Bells,” Silent Night,” and “Joy to the World,” are still around today. But, over the years, new classics have immerged, adding to a growing collection of heartwarming music that captures the Christmas spirit and amplifies it for all to hear and feel.

One of my favorite new classics is a rather innovative song that sounds more like a conversation. “Mary Did You Know?” was written in 1984 by a comedian and songwriter named Mark Lowery.

The Houston native began thinking about the Virgin Mary one day. He says her story always intrigued him. And that’s when he had the idea to write a song that was more like a deep and personal conversation with Mary.

This is a very interesting song for many reasons, but for me, the idea of having a heart-to-heart conversation with someone who’s often overlooked (in my opinion) as a person and viewed more as a figure is fascinating.

In the video below, a family has put together a brilliant Christmas light show set to the tune of “Mary Did You Know?” You can watch this incredible display in the video below.

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