Watch Tim Conway Drive Harvey Nuts In Hysterical Airline Security Sketch

Airport security is one of those headaches in life we can all relate to. And while many of us think of pre-9/11 airport security as the hassle-free times to fly, there were plenty of issues back in those days as well. Many young folks wouldn’t believe it today, but there was a time when flying was kind-of an ordeal in general.

In those days, we had to get our tickets through a travel agent, and dealing with the airline service counter and airport security (with their slow and malfunction-prone computers) could be pure torture. In this sketch, Tim Conway plays an airline security agent who gives an impatient Harvey Korman fits the moment he steps up to his counter. Watch this comedic duo work their magic in the video below.

I tell ya, Tim has a way of making even the most mundane things like stamping tickets absolutely hilarious! Be sure to show this video to your friends and family, especially the youngsters, and enjoy their reaction!