Wendy’s Training Videos Deserve A Grammy (VIDEOS)

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Working in fast food can be stressful. The founder of Wendy’s, the late Dave Thomas, knew this and set out to make employee training fun. So fun, in fact, that you might be filling out an application after seeing these videos.

Among the pile of employee training videos that are floating around YouTube, which seem to have a strong cult following, there are some interesting ones from Wendy’s. They don’t feature some representative from human resources droning on and on about company policies, though.

The fast food restaurant with the iconic square-shaped burgers made straight-up music videos. While several can be found on YouTube, these three had us dancing in our seats.

“Hot Drinks Really Get You Goin’!”

When you think of an employee putting in a lot of effort just for your coffee, you probably don’t think about Wendy’s. Fancy coffeehouses come to mind, right?

That’s about to change.

In this undated video, an employee sings about how to pour hot drinks for guests at Wendy’s. A seemingly simple task, until he reminds you to hold the cup steady and dances the entire time.

Wendy’s serves more than one type of hot drink, including tea. Does the guest want a lemon slice? He reminds us that’s not a problem, singing:

“If they want lemon it’s very nice, don’t think twice, give that guest a juicy slice!”

Source: YouTube 

“Keep The Foam Down, Now Isn’t That Clever?”

Hot drinks aren’t the only ones who get a snazzy tutorial.

In a video with another beat that’ll make you dance, a young lady explains how to serve cold beverages. It’s not just putting ice and fluids in a cup, though. There are rules to ensure food isn’t wasted and to always use an ice scoop.

After explaining cup sizes and that tea gets ice to the top, she reassures the new employee they have what it takes by singing:

“Cold drinks, that’s all there is to it. go ahead and try, i know you can do it!”

Source: YouTube 

Grill Skills

The final video features an employee being transported into the television. Once inside, he’s greeted by a rapper who shows him how to work the grill.

If you think flipping burgers is easy, think again. In regards to salting the meat, he says:

“Not too little, not too much. with a little finesse you’ll get the touch!”

If only every training video were this fun.

Source: YouTube

Feature Image: Screenshot Via Twitter

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