When Family Stops to Listen to Street Musician, Dad Asks Daughter to Dance and It Changes Everything

Music and dancing are considered the best ways to express our feelings. To sing-song the words or simply dance away what we actually feel. One’s passion for art is best first honed at home- with the family, parents to push through his or her craft. We all know that family members believing in us is enough to keep us motivated like this one woman who confidently dances in the street when her dad asked her to. An excellent dance choreographer, Rima Baransi has captured the hearts of the netizens as she gracefully dances in the melody from the street performer and violinist, Ivo Remenec in Trieste, Italy.

While Rima and her family were watching Remenec’s violin performance, dad Assad Baransi asked her daughter to dance with the melody. It can be heard in the video how the dad invites his daughter to dance, seconded by her sister. Challenged, Rima confidently accepted and showcased her impromptu dance performance. Rima takes off her shoes and bows down to the violinist as a sign of respect. Remenec, in turn, bows down too as acknowledgment. Along with the impromptu duo performance, the crowd starts to gather, taking time to appreciate their craft. Though strangers to each other, the two connects and jive right away, linked by art.

With a heart so full and proud of his dear daughter, Assad didn’t let the magical moment pass by. He captures the moment in a video which he soon uploads on social media. The netizens were in awe of that one fantastic experience. The video went viral and reached more than six million views. Remenec and Baransi’s popularity did not stop from the viral video. They were invited for a reunion around 2017 and 2018.

See how they shine in this raw video that will surely melt your heart too!

Truly, Rima is one great dancer! We’d love to see more of her!