Why Has This Photo Of A Woman Hugging Another Woman Gone Viral? The Reason Will Make You Cry

A heartwarming photo of two women hugging each other has gone viral. It is actually a photo of a Cali woman embracing a homeless woman after she brought her a hot meal in a fast food.

Carmen Mendez’ act of kindness has certainly warmed countless of hearts a few moments after she posted the photo on Facebook. She said that she had no idea that her boyfriend had captured that magical moment.

“As we waited for our order, I saw this homeless lady walk in asking people that were throwing away [their] leftovers if she could have them. Not one person said yes, they all ignored her and threw it away. It broke my heart… I have been volunteering with the homeless now for many years… They don’t repulse me or make me sick to my stomach.” Mendez wrote in her post.

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“As I was gonna throw away my one leftover chicken strip and like five fries, I heard a very quiet voice ask me if I had anything left. I turned around and it was her. I felt like a horrible human being feeding her my leftover chicken strip… she deserved so much more. So I bought her a whole meal… she deserved to eat a hot meal.”, she added.
Mendez said that helping the homeless has been her passion for years — she volunteers on and off at a shelter, and often helps homeless people she finds near her home in Anaheim, California.

This woman is truly remarkable!


Featured image via Facebook.