Why Your Kids Should Read Dr. Suess

Kids have been reading Dr. Suess books for years, and for some pretty good reasons. Keep the tradition alive with his blend of fun and education by reading Dr. Suess to your kids today. Here are three reasons why this colorful author should fill your child’s bookshelf.

Image via Pexels

Core Vocabulary

Dr. Suess’ unique and captivating stories will spark your child’s imagination while also exposing them to basic but essential vocabulary words. Often there are only a small number of words used throughout an entire book; therefore, it’s easy for your kids to pick up on them. The repetition is fun and useful for beginning readers.

Something For Everyone

Dr. Suess covers a wide range of topics and reading levels, even holidays, birthdays, and other adventures. There is something for everyone, from infant board books to those just learning how to read. In addition, the bright and imaginative illustrations keep the attention of children at all ages.

Utterly Unique

There’s nothing like turning the page of a new book, especially a Dr. Suess original. The plots, characters, even the trees all have their own unique twist. Your children will learn and use their imagination, but Dr. Suess also has several lessons to share. Titles such as The Lorax, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas are entertaining, while they teach children to be grateful, protect the environment, and be ambitious. You can’t ask for much more than Dr. Suess.

Featured Image by Johnathon Colman via Flickr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0