Woman Dancing in Her Kitchen to ‘Let’s Twist Again’ With Her Dog Is All of Us

When was the last time you let the disco mood set in you? When all you want is a dance floor to kick the adrenalin rush away? It’s pretty funny that this kind of feeling sets on us suddenly whenever we hear our favorite beat. When was the most recent time you felt it? Sometimes it is during our grocery time, or our commute that we are caught with this feeling because there is a familiar lively beat being played around. Unfortunately, the place is not the right place to kick those dance moves so we try to restrain ourselves from dancing! Really funny right?

But wait what about the times when we are alone and suddenly our living room or kitchen becomes our dance floor? What a liberating moment to unleash our party mood! Right? In this video, you will witness how this young woman unleashed her dancing mood in the middle of her chores and alone in her kitchen, transforming it into her own stage with her dog, the only audience she has. You will find it entertaining and at the same time can’t help but laugh because you were able to relate to it! No inhibitions, no tequila to spice the mood, just plain giving in to that kicking feeling inside to sway and shake!

What adds to the feel of this video is the young lady, belted out the tune of the classic hit of Chubby Checker’s sizzling song “Let’s Twist Again” Well, if you are a dance lover, you know how this hit can incite your emotions and stir you to turn and twist. So free that she finished the whole number as if she is obliged to do for the audience. But lo! She is alone with her dog that adored her performance from intro to end! Surely, she has the most loyal pet.

Enjoy this video and try not to groove to this beat as it asks you to shake that boot again! Get ready with that hair blower to turn them into your microphone and go ahead with your version of your hits!

So, keep that downloaded disco hits you been wanting to be played during your disco moment! And don’t forget your mic.