Woman Steals Food And This Police Officer Reacts In The Most Amazing Way


A woman named Helen Johnson shoplifted five eggs into her jacket pocket because she was 0.50 cents short from buying some eggs in the local store. The worker approached her and called the police. Way before she reached the door of the store, Police Officer William Stacy detained her into his squad car.

After a few minutes, he returned and gave her a carton of eggs and made her promise never to shoplift ever again, then she took her home. She tried to give him the $1.25 she had but he refused. Turns out, she was having a hard week and her family has not eaten anything for two days.

Her daughter’s $120 disability check which has been supporting her two daughters, niece and grandchildren have not yet arrived and so did her check.

But that was not the end of it because later that week, the police department showed up at her house with two trucks of food for her family. This is certainly an act of kindness that people should notice.

Truly, everyone can make a difference.

Featured image via What’s Trending.