Woman Writes Her Own Obituary In Hopes Of Inspiring Others

The posthumous words of Sonia Elaine Todd, who passed away at the age of 38 from cancer, still live on to inspire others. While facing this illness back in 2012, Sonia decided to write her own obituary, taking an honest look at her life and setting it to paper.

She was not pretending to know it all but rather making an attempt to impart whatever wisdom she had gained in her short life. She wanted to share her thoughts with family, friends and even strangers in the hopes of inspiring and lightening the burden many carry worrying and stressing over daily things.

Full obit can be read via The Chive.

She didn’t want friends and family to over glorify her life and exaggerate or sugar coat things after she was gone. Most of all, she wanted to stress the point that she tried her best. That sometimes she succeeded, often times failed and always – tried. The most anyone can aim for in life no matter what time it spans.

She credits the birth of her two beautiful sons and the marriage to her gracious husband as two major life highlights. And jokes about the benefits of dying young-ish such as never having to finish paying off student loans, worrying about aging anymore, and most timely – stressing over the news during an election season.

Silver lining perspective shift. Image via Pixabay.

She appeals to anyone reading to accomplish small and large tasks before it’s too late from forgiving someone who doesn’t deserve it, to writing someone a letter letting them know what a positive impact they have had on your life.

Among the many beautiful words found in her brave appraisal of a life at its ending:

“For all of my crazy comments, jokes, and complaints, I really did love people.”

– Sonia Todd

H/T Collective Evolution