You Need These Unstainable Clothes for Your Next Interview

In my never-ending quest to find shirts that my body won’t destroy, Elizabeth & Clarke has emerged as a front-runner in stain-proof fashion for women. Never again be afraid of white business casual shirts!

Elizabeth & Clarke is a clothing company that specializes in designing quality, affordable clothing that is both functional and fashionable. They do “subscription” boxes, and more recently moved into making unstainable work wear for women.

Products from most “unstainable” clothing manufacturers are stain-proof because they’ve been made “hydrophobic” either by being treated with a special solution, or because they are made with some form of nanotechnology, which is what Elizabeth & Clarke uses. You can also buy sprays to make your clothes temporarily hydrophobic. Their shirts use microfibers to make them stain-resistant.

E&C puts a great deal of thought into their products. For instance, their pants (“The Banks“) have an adjustable length, and their dress and skirt (“The James” and “The Roberts,” respectively) have pockets — what a concept! All of their items are also washer and dryer safe.

Their clothes are also made with a sweat- and odor-proof technology that moves sweat away from the skin to the middle layer of the garment. Hence, no sweat stains.

For more casual stain-proof wear, there’s also Threadsmiths. They sell stain-resistant t-shirts for men, women, and even babies.

And if you’ve ever dreamt of the day you could wear white jeans without being terrified of eating, Joe’s Jeans has a “Stay Spotless” collection of stain-proof white jeans of varying lengths and styles:

Featured image via screenshot from YouTube video