Your Life Just Got More Colorful: Download The Complete Archive Of Oz Magazine

The sixties was a time for artistic and human impression. The decades also spawned the global hippie movement – with peace, love and rock and roll as its cornerstones. While the psychedelic 60s was about free expression and testing the boundaries of creation – no magazine captured the sights and sounds of that time better than Oz. Dubbed “the most controversial magazine of that decade”, you can now download the complete archives of this once popular and innovative magazine.


From music and movie reviews to politics, Oz was a London based magazine that brought the hippie and mod movements to the forefront of the world. Produced in a Notting Hill basement flat, the publication quickly grew to global notoriety and recognition. With eye-catching covers by pop artist Martin Sharp, the magazine truly captured the heart and soul of this turbulent yet exciting era.

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Who can ever forget the brilliant cartoons by Robert Crumb? Or the radical feminist manifestos by Germaine Greer? OZ was a magazine that was truly ahead of its time. However, the publication was also scorned for its questionable and even obscene materials. So much so that is was the basis of one of the longest trials in British history.


While its print run began in 1976 and ended in 1973, this unique and cutting-edge magazine captured the true allure and essence of the sixties. This included the political turmoil that plagued the world, along with depictions of young men and women elevating their minds. The online digital archive is courtesy of the University of Wollongong – and promises to be a historical trip down memory lane for any and all that are interested in reliving these amazing times.


Images via: openculture


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