A Mesmerizing Video of 14 Fancy Napkin Folds You Can Use to Impress Guests

At my house, we tend to eat in a way that’s comfortable and it would probably be shocking to Martha Stewart. Basically, we get our plates and go to eat wherever we want. With a paper towel as a napkin. I know, I know. Families should eat together. I’m just admitting what we do most of the time. It works for us. Now, when the kids or other guests come over, we of course clear off our dining room table and break out our finery. We do know how to be civilized, after all. And on the holidays, we even use cloth napkins. Christmas themed, to be precise.

Napkin Folds: The Basic Fan Fold for Cloth Napkins

However, back in the day, I worked at a resort where we used cloth napkins and we did a semi-fancy napkin fold for every place setting. It was about the most basic napkin fold you can make. Nothing terribly fancy, but it was quick and easy. It looked exactly like this.

Folding cloth napkins fancy napkin fold
Taste of Home

And there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s classic and looks elegant on nearly any table. However, I recently stumbled upon a video that almost (almost) makes me want to sit my hubby and myself down at the table every night and use the fancy napkins that are gathering dust in our linen closet.

Why am I suddenly thinking about fancy napkin folds? Because these are FUN. I love fun, quirky stuff, and these folds check off all the boxes. My favorite: the ice cream sundae one, of course (because I love ice cream).

ice cream sundae napkin fold pink cloth napkins

And can you even handle this cute little pumpkin? Love it!

Pumpkin fold for orange napkins Halloween Thanksgiving

Also, the person doing these foldsĀ  makes it look soooooooo easy. And the video is completely mesmerizing. Enjoy!

I can’t wait to try some of these!

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