A Video Tour Inside Gated Island Community of the Richest Zip Code in the U.S.

A Video Tour Inside Gated Island Community of the Richest Zip Code in the U.S.
Ever wondered where and how the wealthiest people live? If so, here’s a closer look inside the richest zip code in the U.S. to fill in your curiosity! And no, it’s not around New York or California as you might have assumed. It’s actually on a small island in Florida! Fisher Island is a 216-acre island exclusive to its members and their guests. This luxurious paradise has an average annual income of a whopping $2.2 million! It sits just three miles off the coast of Miami but is only accessible by a private ferry and yacht.

Being one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the country, Fisher Island has been home to many millionaires and celebrities like Oprah, Mel Brooks, and Julia Roberts. But that’s not exactly what makes it special. The place is also packed with deluxe amenities including a 24,000 square-foot spa, 17 tennis courts, community pools, an observatory, a lush golf course, an exotic aviary, and private beaches draped with sand imported directly from the Bahamas! And did I mention you get to have your own butler? Of course, all come in a hefty fee.

As if that’s not enough to make your head hurt with all the luxuries and price tags, the members’ main mode of transportation is golf carts- obviously not the ordinary ones. Residents get to have a mini Rolls-Royce golf cart, a Range Rover golf cart, or even some vintage old American cars! But wait, there’s more. We also get to explore the Palazzo del Sol and della Luna. For those who aren’t aware, the place houses the most expensive real estate listing of the island: a jawdropping $40 million penthouse! Needless to say, no regular human being gets to stay and enjoy this unbelievable residence. Thankfully, we get to have a free virtual tour inside!

Watch the mind blowing video below and have a clear view of your dream home.

Imagine growing up in a place like this. How awesome would that be?