These Firefighters Inspired All Women on Day of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Passing

GIRL POWER builds each other up and rise by lifting others. Showing the women’s confidence and strength and the freedom to control, support, and aid others. This is not about the equality of men and women but the women’s toughness and solidity. It’s time to shine and show the amazing hidden talent and inspire other women out there.

It all started on the day of the all-female shift that coincided with the day Supreme Court Justice and women’s rights advocate Ruth Bader Ginsburg died. The stars shone brightly on these five women firefighters at Palm Beach Gardens Fire and Rescue in South Florida and marked history in the department’s 57-year existence as an all-female fire crew. These women had never worked together on the same shift until that day when every rank was filled with women and they were asked to work on the same schedule at the same station.

Between them, they have 80 years of firefighting and EMT experience, and their age range from 29 to 53. They were so thrilled and amused by the reception they received when they responded to several calls. People were amazed when they see women heap out of different equipment. For those who are moms, their kids are their biggest fans and great supporters that give them the motivation to take this demanding career.

All in all the support they received was overwhelming. People are wishing them that they get a big call to display their power. The Palm Beach Gardens Fire and Rescue is considering the possibility of another work together due to the number of employed females. They continue to work hard while waiting for the next schedule of working together. Their aim is to inspire women to work hard to reach their goals.

Salute to the women who embody girl power!