Pro Dancer Groom Surprises His Ballerina Bride With Epic Dance with Groomsmen

Weddings are happy days in general. It’s the one day in a couple’s life when their loved ones get together to celebrate with them and share their happiness as they enter a new phase. Most wedding celebrations are usually simple ones that strictly follow traditions. However, there are those who go above and beyond to make their special day a day that they won’t ever forget.

Nowadays, couples look for ways (and actually do the work, mind you) to make their weddings unique and memorable. This is what happened to Richmond Ballet ballerina, Valerie. Her groom Kirk, who is a professional dancer came up with a surprise-number for the bride. The number took 7 minutes of different dance numbers from the groom that the visibly happy bride for sure enjoyed.


Another thing to note is the groomsmen who were a mix of dancers and non-dancers. We just have to applaud the camaraderie of these men to help their friend come up with a surprise for his bride. What a beautiful thing to do, don’t you agree? In the surprising number, you can see the groomsmen enjoying the dance and making it look fun.


The bride, on several occasions, was seen giggling, hopping, and standing up with joy. Who wouldn’t if your groom is giving you an awesome dance, right? Even the people in the audience can’t help themselves with their screaming and clapping. The number itself was complete with perfect choreography, change of clothes, and interchanging dancers. It really is an awesome intermission number that the bride won’t ever forget.

Watch the entertaining video below and catch yourself smiling with them.

This wedding happened in 2015. As of now, the couple has been married for 5 years and has a son and daughter together. Kirk is still a professional dancer while Valerie retired from being a ballerina around three years ago. You can follow them on Instagram here: @valerinarb and @kirk_henning.