Random Guy Walks into Panera Bread and Goes Behind the Counter, Starts Taking Orders

Sometimes what seems like a crazy prank is a brilliant way to stand out in a crowd. Other times, you just see a need, and you do what you can to help.

Either way, John McCraith is used to testing the boundaries with pranks, as is evident by his TikTok videos.

In this case, he slides right into a cashier position at Panera Bread and just starts working, and no one seems to question whether or not he is supposed to be there.

In fact, everyone seems happy to help him get situated for a day of work.

Would You Like a Drink with That?



The crowded Panera Bread had only one person on the register, so he decided to help the lone cashier at Panera Bread. Maybe he was hungry?

He calmly walks up to the register as if he belongs there and asks for the next person in line.

Without skipping a beat, he immediately navigates questions about combo options on the menu.

He appears to use the computer to ring in the customer’s combo order, with a drink, and even remembers to upsell a cookie for .99 cents.

The register does not open, and he turns to the cashier, calls her by name, and asks her to help him open the register.

The other worker asks him how he rang her up, and if he has a card.

Finally, it occurs to someone to ask him if he works at Panera Bread.

Do You Even Go Here?

random man taking orders panera bread

He does not even pause or look anxious – he rolls with it.

Replying he forgot his apron at home, she indicates he needs to go to the back and get a new one.

The other cashier asks if he was given a drawer to put in the resister, and he says this is his second day, and he has not received his black shirt yet, or anything else.

They bring him to the back to get him all straightened out with his uniform and drawer, and they show him where to find his shirt, apron, and a name tag.

He asks to run to the bathroom quickly and makes a hasty exit, thus ending his day of work at Panera.

The video went viral with 1.6 million hits, and you can watch it here.


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While this is not the weirdest thing we have seen, we can’t help but wonder where he will pop up next.

Images Credit: YouTube