This Girl Made Sure Her Revenge On Her Ex Boyfriend Will Not Be Forgotten For 17 Years

We’ve all gone through some tough time and cheaters in a relationship. And there is nothing, I mean nothing, more satisfying to see a cheated person get back at the person who cheated on them.

As mean as it sounds, we can’t hide the fact that we are secretly cheering and enjoying how karma is being a bitch on the one who cheated. Just like this girl right here, her boyfriend apparently cheated on her. In the heated argument it can be assumed that the boyfriend boasted that he didn’t need the money he used to buy the Justin Bieber ticket back.

But then this text came. The girl is so game and even posted this on Twitter.





She set up her account to give him 0.01 per day. She estimated that it will take 17 years for it to be fully paid. Now, that’s what I call sweet, sweet, sweet revenge. You go, girl!


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