This Little Girl Saved A Kitten Disgusted Adults Couldn’t Even Look At

Be honest. If you saw this kitten abandoned and left on the street to die, would you pick it up?

Well, most adults in Istanbul, Turkey, answered “no” and they were too put off and disgusted about how this little kitten looks.

Image via TwentyTwoWords

People were too frightened to even look at it. Good thing one little 7-year-old girl was brave enough to show compassion and take the kitty back to her father.

Image via TwentyTwoWords

The two brought the kitten to an animal hospital.

Image via TwentyTwoWords

It was then discovered that not only was the kitten disfigured, but was also heavily infested by mites.

Image via TwentyTwoWords

The vets gave the kitten all the care and medicine treatment she needs.

Image via TwentyTwoWords

They even gave her corrective surgery to reconstruct her damaged face.

Image via TwentyTwoWords

The result? A very happy one, with an unrecognizable cat, all thanks to the brave little girl.

Image via TwentyTwoWords

Here is the little girl with her pet cat they named Gülümser. It means “she who always smile.”

Image via TwentyTwoWords

Such a fitting name for the story, don’t you think?

Featured Image via Pixabay

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