10 Of The Wackiest Shoes Ever Made

Shoes are often designed for comfort, but sometimes comfort is thrown right out the window in favor of style. Although they’re not very practical for everyday use, these shoes will definitely grab your attention!

Game Boys

These shoes contain real, detachable Nintendo Game Boy consoles. Fashion and entertainment rolled into one.

Image via Inventor Spot


If you get into a fight, these shoes could definitely double as a weapon.

Image via Jezebel

Going Bananas

These banana peels won’t make you slip, or will they?

Image via Jezebel

Giddy Up

Guns and cowhide. I think there’s a cowgirl reference in there somewhere.

Image via Jezebel

Boomin’ System

Why carry a heavy boom box when you can literally have the music right at your feet?

Image via We Love Viral


If you miss your pet goldfish every time you leave the house, don’t worry. You can now take them with you.

Image via toxel.com

Rated R

These shoes are not rated PG, so it’s best to wear them at night. Late night.

Image via Tod setzt Sie befreien


For the tech geek in all of us.

Image via Elegant Hairstyles


Shoes that look so tasty, you almost want to eat them.

Image via Bellatory


Not sure how one actually balances in these, but ok.

Image via BabaMail

Featured image via Link Beef