10 Valentine’s Day Gifts That NO ONE Should Ever Give

Picture this: It’s Valentine’s Day and you’re cuddling up to bae on the couch. Soft romantic music and candlelight fill the room, and you’re sipping on some wine while giggling softly. Then it’s time to bring out the gifts. Your other half says “Hey babe, I’ve got the biggest surprise for you.”

You get a beautifully wrapped package, which carefully open with a smile. You’re hoping for something romantic and thoughtful, like rose-scented perfume or your favorite book. Unfortunately, to your horror, you find one of these:

1. Creative Toilet Paper

Toilet paper, in any form, is just a downright bad idea. Most of the time, it says “Cheap Joke.”

via Flickr

2. Prickly Cactus

Consider what it says about your relationship.

via Pixabay

3. Novelty Underwear

Not exactly my idea of romantic. More like awkward.

via Pixabay

4. Bacterial Plush Toys

Nothing says “I love you” like a plethora of cute STD plushies.

Via Giant Microbes

5. Blankets With Sleeves

Useful for days when you want to be in a creepy costume.

Via Geek Alerts

6. Beetle Backpack

Unless you’re sure your partner likes bugs, this is downright icky.

Via Pinterest

7. Bacon Flowers

Look on the bright side. You’ve got free bacon. Who doesn’t like bacon?

Via Instructables

8. Soap Shaped Like Firearms

In case you’re wondering, these soaps actually do exist.

Via Etsy

9. Couple’s Sweaters

Moving around would be practically impossible.

Via Her.ie

10. Tongue Scrapers

As a rule, all oral products are a no-no.

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Featured image by pocketcultures via Flickr/CC BY 2.0